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About Us


Savvy IntelliScents is a young and dynamic home, bath, and body shop that specializes in making handmade candles, glycerin soaps, organic soaps, lotion, body butters and perfume duplicates. Our soap philosophy is simple: “A cleaner body makes for a cleaner soul”


The company believes that nature is the ultimate source of skin perfecting elements and that the practice of Aromatherapy truly works; we use precious plant, nut and fruit extracts to handcraft our bath and body products. Our candles are handcrafted with Premium, Gel, or 100% Soy Wax.


Our luxurious line of soaps are handmade fresh using only the most natural skin nourishing ingredients available.  Our products are guaranteed to be nourishing to the skin and will beautifully scent your home.


We do not conduct animal testing and most of our products are vegan-friendly.


Try our products and feel the difference.


Always remember,



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